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  • Advantages

    • First-rate candidates within 5 workdays
    • Saving your time and energy
    • Price-wise method
    • We address 90 % of job market

Advantages of Předvýběr

PŘEDVÝBĚR.CZ will save your time regarding searching and selection of suitable candidates. You will pay only once, not multiples of your employee’s salary. We will send you first CVs of suitable candidates within 5 workdays. Your job vacancy will be present at 8 biggest job servers.

  Předvýběr.CZ Personal agencies When you search yourselves


39 990 CZK

Single final price for all the service, no commissions, no hidden fees.

70 000 CZK and more

The reward for the agency is usually a multiple of the salary of the accepted candidate. Usually three salaries.

35 000 CZK and more + your time

The price of an advertisement, price for the access to on-line CV databases, your time and troubles with searching and interviews with candidates.



First candidates already within 5 workdays!


It often takes more than 14 days from the visit of a consultant to the presentation of candidate.

Uncertain outcomes

You spend much time searching for candidates with an uncertain outcome. You must go through dozens of unsuitable CVs and you do not know if you find the suitable person.

Option to appoint more candidates


It is up to you how many of the selected candidates you employ. You pay only once.


You pay separately for each mediated candidate.


How many candidates you can find on your own.

Guaranteed cover of job market


The certainty of publishing the ads at biggest job servers during 30 days..


You have no certainty where or even if the personal agency searches.

Yes / No

To advertise at all job servers separately is both financially and time-demanding.

Same priority for all


We take the same care for all the positions.


The positions with higher salaries have higher priority – because of the commission.


You can devote the same time to each candidate.

How our service works

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