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  • We will find suitable candidates for you within 5 days

    How we do it


Find you employees effectively

Saving your time

Saving your time

Delegate to us the time-demanding searching, addressing and also first talks with suitable candidates.

Best price

Best price

You will pay only one-time price, not multiples of your employee's salary.



The first CVs of selected suitable candidates will be sent to you within 5 workdays.

Addressing whole market

Addressing whole market

We advertise your job vacancy at 8 biggest job servers at the same time.,,,, Advantages.


Why to choose PŘEDVÝBĚR.CZ

You will be satisfied

You will be satisfied

  • We can guarantee you minimally 5 first-rate candidates
  • We can find also difficult job professions
  • You can get an intensive feedback with an option to consult and optimalize your initial instructions
  • We specialize in pre-selection

Our long-termed success-rate

Our long-termed success-rate

  • 80% success rate in candidates placement
  • 8 first-rate candidate per position on average
  • 4 from 5 clients uses our services repeteadetly
  • 9 years of experience

How our service works

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What our clients say about us

The results of all projects have been very good. I have found out myself how much time and effort must be given to searching on HR websites to get an acceptable output. PREDVYBER.CZ does the work for me. It is an excellent example of how profitable it can be to purchase an external service. The results of all projects have been very good and we have managed to fill all required positions with high quality employees.
Radislav Dilím

Radislav Dilím CEO, Omron Electronics

Looking for a mechanic or a dispatcher by means other than via classic advertising was unthinkable for me a year ago. However, the economically successful year 2015 brought a huge pressure to hiring mechanics in the whole of the Czech Republic. Long-proven ways suddenly became ineffective. We had no chance other than to react and do something different. Cooperation with PREDVYBER.CZ
has been new and different. What’s more, first they helped us fill several vacancies for mechanics in Brno. Most, Hradec Kralove and Olomouc soon followed. The greatest advantage of this service is the “communication care” of applicants even before the interview at our company. We thus save time that would otherwise be spent describing the vacancy as well as time for finding out the requirements for applicants. Another advantage is the time management of the selection procedure. You know exactly that you will get some applicant profiles at the end of each of the 4 weeks. And if there are no applicants, you can be sure that PREDVYBER.CZ will contact you personally and discuss the situation with you. Not even the classic HR agencies work that way. Looking for a mechanic or dispatcher in any other way than via PREDVYBER.CZ? Unimaginable for us in 2016.
Jana Harel

Jana Harel HR Manager MD&D CR/SR, Johnson & Johnson

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